Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    by SIFU Michael Rossi
Q: What style of Kung Fu do you teach?
A: Shaolin Fist (Shaolin Chuan) as taught to my Sifu Tony Scaccia
by Shaolin Monk Chin Lee.

Q: What are your class hours? A: Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 PM, and Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Q: How much are classes? A: $100 per month - Take all the classes you want!

Q: What is the lesson plan for most classes? A: Class begins with a half-hour of warm-ups and stretching. Basic training consists of hand technique drills and forms. As students become more advanced, we introduce sparring and weapons training.

Q: Is this style of Kung Fu traditional or is it a hybrid? A: With the exception of a few techniques, we teach the material as it was taught to me.

Q: Do you teach older adults? A: Yes. Students can begin at the age of 13 and my oldest students are in their 50's.

Q: Do you offer private lessons? A: Yes, I give private lessons, but I usually feel it is better for the student to take group classes to start. This gives them a chance to learn the stretches and warmup exercises so that they're not paying me for this part of the class. The cost of private lessons is $75 per hour.

Q: What are the benefits of private lessons? A: The techniques and movements in the forms get more complicated as you advance. I feel the group environment does not allow for enough focus on all of the intricacies. By the same token, I feel the beginning techniques and forms should be learned in a group environment to allow beginners to learn from one another. Seeing everyone else struggle helps build confidence where self-doubt might otherwise set in. Almost all of my advanced students take group classes too, because you do learn so much from others.

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Last updated September 26, 2005.